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Merry Christmas!

We’re rounding off the year looking back at some of the great work we’ve been involved in and celebrating our brilliant staff.

Every day between now and Christmas we’ll be opening a parcel on our advent calendar tree. Click on the boxes above or follow @EdComs (and #EdComsAdvent) to join our celebratory advent countdown.

Dec 1

Movember and #EdComsAdvent launch!

This afternoon we opened the first box on our advent tree and kicked off a month of celebration with our Movember team. It seems everyone (other than Orlando) was keen to remove their fund raising facial hair at the earliest possibility, so there's no photographic evidence from this photo! (Sarah and Imran didn't take part in Movember, but did help get the website together).

We've also updated our website with new projects and have reflected on the three pillars of our work – Education, Business and Social impact – and what this means to organisations that work with us.

Members of the EdComs team: Mani, Ian, Adrian, Orlando, Imran and Sarah
Dec 2

Our amazing Office Crusader!

Box 2 of our #EdComsAdvent calendar revealed Germaine, our amazing front of house champion who (amongst other things) has the unenviable task of organising our meeting rooms, forwarding the right caller to the right staff member and keeping the office fridges in check - and all with a smile!

Member of the EdComs team: Germaine
Dec 3

Our birthday girl Sabeen!

Today we're celebrating the birthday of Digital Marketing Superstar; Sabeen. Bravely holding a candle near the slightly flammable advent calendar, she celebrates with cake, some homemade Mars Bar brownies and a ticket to see East is East with her colleagues tonight.

Member of the EdComs team: Sabeen
Dec 4

Giving something back

Box #4 revealed a celebration for Edcommers getting involved with schools.

We’ve been working with a local school to run Code Club sessions this year, and Sarah and Toby have been delivering these classes to very engaged year six classes!

We also celebrated those that are Governors at schools - including Martin, Jonathan, Andrew, Victoria, Rob, Erin and Elaine.

All commented on how much they got out of engaging with pupils in the classroom - if you’re interested in becoming a Governor visit

Code Club and Governors!
Dec 5

Eco warrior Max

Today we 'celebrated' (if that's the right word) the lovely Max, who has a passion for the environment and recycling and demonstrates this by 'sending slightly eggy emails if he notices non-environmental behaviour'. Thanks for the campaigning Max!

Eco warrior, Max
Dec 6

On the sixth day of Christmas we celebrate science!

We have been working with BP since 2005, creating resources in areas of the curriculum where BP’s expertise can help fill a perceived gap. These areas principally cover STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Find out more about the programme here.

The sixth day of Christmas!
Dec 7

On the seventh day we explore technology in the classroom

How digital is the classroom? We all know that it is likely to become more digital and we have been working with Samsung on a pilot programme to explore, for teachers and learners, the best way to make it so. With the introduction of coding into the primary computing curriculum in September 2014, this project has become even more relevant. Find out more here.

The seventh day of Christmas!
Dec 8

On the 8th day of Christmas we rocked around the world

We are a bit of a mixed bunch here at EdComs, our team members are from all over the world! Watch our cheesy video filled with EdCommers who are proud to fly their flags. Bonus points if you can name some of the less well known ones using #EdComsAdvent #Flags

In addition to our trip around the world, our Live star Chris Corcoran ran in yesterday's 2014 Santa Run for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Running 10k in a Santa suit, he managed an impressive time of 1 hour and 5 minutes. You can donate to Chris' wonderful cause on Just Giving!

Code Club and Governors!
Dec 9

Happy birthday Liz and Goodbye Grazi!

Today we celebrated Liz's birthday! Liz is our Research Director and celebrated by sharing a sheep* cake with the rest of us.

We also said goodbye (for the moment) to Grazi, who is a digital project manager - she's scheduled her baby in for delivery very soon!
*the cake was decorated as a sheep - no sheep were harmed in this celebration.

Dec 10

Christmas party time!

Today was our Christmas party and what a party it was! We had a great time making festive hats, clay nativity scenes and more other activities - check out #EdComsAdvent for some evidence of this!

We had a fabulous time, and for that we thank the organising team pictured here in.

Dec 11

Christmas Jumpers

Today we held our Christmas jumper day. As our Christmas Party was the night before, we thought we'd keep the fun going with this today as people might need to keep warm and have a bit of a comfort day. Anyone wearing a jumper donated money to the Christmas Jumper Day project for Save the Children. Hannah was champion of this, and the picture shows the range of jumpers people wore. Thanks Hannah for making us look a little ridiculous all day!!

Dec 12

Raising money for Save the Children

Today we celebrated the gift of giving to others. On our Christmas Jumper Day on 11th December (one day ahead of everyone else), we raised £75 for Save the Children. Thanks to our in-house chef Katherine Mengardon who baked some delicious cakes all in the name of charity (sorry, they disappeared before we managed to get a photo!).


Our advent calendar shout out encouraged all of us at EdComs to see what else we could give and we raised a truly grand final total of £117! Thanks to everyone for joining together to help others this Christmas.

Sarah Martin holds the surprise from advent box number 12
Dec 13

Understanding energy, science & sustainability

EDF Energy wanted to redevelop their education website, The Pod – which provides a wide range of teaching resources and campaign materials that promote knowledge of sustainability and scientific enquiry. We worked closely with EDF Energy to make the site easier for teachers, students and other stakeholders to use, and to deepen their engagement with the programme. Find out more about the programme here.

EDF are in box 13!
Dec 14

Education in science for the future

Based on research with teachers and young people, we worked with GSK to help create their science education programme. A dedicated website offers free teaching resources including videos, interactive activities and games, lesson plans, lab ideas and workshops to add real-world appeal to lessons. Find out more about the programme here.

GSK are in box 14
Dec 15

Sharon's birthday and an amazing Christmas Jumper!

Today we celebrated Sharon's birthday. Twice. As a result, we had plenty of cake and chocolate to go around in the office! We also 'celebrated' Imran's winning Christmas Jumper. Scroll back up to day 11 if you need a reminder. Well done Imran.

Sharon's birthday and, wow - what a Christmas Jumper!
Dec 16

Congrats Sophie!

Today we celebrated the well deserved appointment of our very own Sophie to the BESA Marketing committee. Well deserved and we're very proud of her!
Visit the BESA website for more information.

Today we celebrated Sophie's appointment to the BESA marketing board!
Dec 17

The EdComs Cake-Off

Today was Christmas Cake day here at EdComs Towers. Katherine, our resident cake expert, who has been supplying us with the odd masterpiece for birthdays throughout the year presided over the judging as teams worked together to produce some highly creative entries to enter into a cake decorating competition. Participants had a 15 minute deadline to produce something artistic and unique.

The winners were Sabeen, Chris, Tara and Rose, with an entry entitled the “Ghost of Christmas Present”. Well done guys, Bake Off next year maybe?

The runner up cakes included "Christmas Rainbow", "Angel Gabriel" and "An abstract Christmas".

Sabeen, Chris, Tara and Rose with the winning cake The Ghost of Christmas Present cake The Christmas Rainbow cake The Angel Gabriel cake And abstract Christmas cake
Dec 18

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Dec 19

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Dec 20

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Dec 21

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Dec 22

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Dec 23

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Dec 24

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Dec 25

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