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Media Smart

Changing young people’s understanding of the media they consume

  • Date: March 26, 2017

Advertising is one of the most creative and inspiring industries, where ideas often come alive with drama, excitement and humour, to entertain and engage us. But the world of advertising is ever-changing and young people need to be able to understand how to recognise it (and exactly what is being suggested, promised and sold).EdComs works with Media Smart to help young people navigate the media they consume:
  • Creating free and inspiring educational materials for schools, youth organisations and parents to help young people learn about media and advertising
  • Covering the latest issues and topics like body image, influencer marketing, social media and data privacy (and refreshing resources as the market changes)
  • Developing media literacy skills enables young people to critically evaluate commercial messages, understand the channels used by the industry and be in control of their response to the advertising they encounter